Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Cutest One Yet!

Yesterday I whipped up this sweet little drop-waist peasant dress for G:

Love. It.
(Seriously, like the cutest thing I have ever made.)

The perfect dress for running around outside...

Hunting Easter eggs...

And playing in the sand.

Not to mention that it looks great with one black sock (acquired during rest time) and white sandals...

What more could you possibly ask for in a dress?!?

It didn't take too terribly long to put together (considering it was the first time I have ever sewn on sleeves...), and I love how the red gingham looks so summery and fun!
I also love that I got the fabric out of a remnant bin for $1.60!!

Made it using this pattern (which I got on sale for $1.99 at Hobby Lobby-gotta love those pattern sales!)...

I added the ribbon detail along the ruffle (view D), but I'm not exactly pleased with the bow.
You'd think I, of all people, could tie a nice looking bow...

Word to the Wise: 
When adding sleeves, make sure you sew them opposite one another.   Otherwise the back and front won't match up on one side.  Oops!  Good think I added that note on my pattern :o)

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I Can't Wait... make something out of this!!

I have been in love with this fabric for a while now, and I finally ordered it from Quilt Taffy  (and a fun skirt pattern to boot!).  I will let you know what I create for myself!  That's right, I'm sewing for me this time, and I can't wait to wear the finished product :o)